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Vedic village - Neemrana

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The Earth-Sheltered homes

The concept is designed with the desire to be in complete harmony with nature. To feel that when one enters he is going into the womb of the earth. Underground! Conscious of how singular the space is without losing the integration of the inside with the green natural landscape outside.

These are the Villas in Vedic Village Neemrana following traditional organic building percepts, evolved from years of experimentation to suit local climatic conditions, topography and construction material. Each Villa is sheltered by its own ground and integrated to the places among grass lands, shrubs, trees and creepers until "walking in the garden means walking on the houses own roof!" The 3 & 4 bedroom earth-sheltered Villas, some with a private swimming pool, are each built on 2,500 sq. m. of private land.

The uniquely planned Villas are partially subterranean, built on two levels with the outside earth surrounding one or more walls to protect against extremes of weather. The rooms and toilets all face large picture windows to catch the view of the Aravalli Range and the natural light. The entrance is covered with green grass cover, or 'bermed', with openings to bring the winter sun into the living spaces. The walls are made of local 'staked' slate stone from the Aravalli Range and appear to rise from the rocky ground which is of the same stone. Extensive use of slate stone from the 'kund' mines make each Villa "earth-sensual."

Nature-inspired architecture

Vedic wisdom tells us how to be one with the surrounding eco-system. The architecture and construction of the Village integrates natural elements to create 'organic' living spaces. The houses are semi-buried to provide protection against heat and chill as well as fuller light because the windows are strategically placed. Solar and geo-thermal systems serve to meet heating needs in winter. Rain-water harvesting and grey/waste water recycling help to conserve the precious aqua resource.

The slightly curved 'shell construction' reflects the low undulating topography of the Aravalli Range on which the site is located. On one side the landscaped berms on the shell create low rise grassy mounds. All the Villas overlook the berms of other homes - creating an infinite rolling landscape stretching up to the Aravallis. The other side is scooped with a high clear glass overlooking a private courtyard which is sheltered from the hot summer winds. Harmony is achieved. The earth shields. The sun illumines.


Acres of natural pleasures

Vedic Village Neemrana is for those who seek refuge in the arms of nature, away from the synthetic city. The Villas nestle among organic landscape sprawled across 250 acres. Over 90% of the estate is unspoilt nature where you can see the trees change colour with the seasons, hear the birds sing, feel the caress of the wind and the joy of the outdoors.

A central green 'island' adjoins the leisure facilities such as the Resort and Medi-Spa spread across 17 acres. The sports facility - both outdoor and indoor, encourages active pursuits. A crafts centre draws tourists to explore the Village while a Convention Centre attracts the corporate clientele. Specialty restaurants add to the charms. It is a place of many pleasures for all age groups.

Bhaichung Bhutia at home is busy playing in the hole behind his super strikers - Ugen Kalzang and Keisha Dolkar. with a combined age of 30 months, they are making daddy dear sweat it out like never before. Here, Bhaichung unveils the twin joys of his life for the first time, just for t2!
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